Our Menu is completely gluten-free. we also have vegan and vegetarian options for all dishes and are happy to accommodate any dietary requirements and allergies wHere possible.

Chilaquiles (Authentic Mexican NAchos)

Our truck made tortilla chips with a warm salsa, fresh salsa, cheese and crema 
Add: Chicken 

Corn Chips And Salsa

Our truck made tortilla chips with salsas


A soft 10cm corn tortilla loaded with one of the below fillings and topped with fresh salsas:
Crispy Chicken
Barbacoa Beef
Chipotle Potato
Morita Fish 

Bolivian Chicken and papas

Chefs Bolivian fried chicken with crispy chipotle potatoes, fresca salad and morita mayo

Pork Belly Skewer con Arroz

Marinated Pork Belly Skewers with spiced rice and Latin slaw


Two large Corn tortillas filled with one of the bellow fillings rolled, fried and topped with lettuce, crema and salsas:
Barbacoa Beef
Sweet Potato 


Chefs Fresh made gluten free Spanish donuts served with truck made caramel sauce

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